• Participation in the Literacy, Story Writing and Mathematics competition is compulsory for all participating schools.
  • Learners may not compete in Growsmart unless their parents or legal guardians have signed the Growsmart Indemnity Form.
  • Growsmart will provide, subject to terms and conditions, hardware to support teachers and learners. Under no circumstances, may they be used for personal use, by the Educators, Support Staff or Learners.


  • Schools are selected by the WCED for Western Cape, ECDoE for the Eastern Cape and LPDoE for Limpopo, only schools that have registered may participate in the Growsmart Education Programme.
  • Each school will select learners from Grades 4, 5, and 6 to represent their school in the Growsmart competitions for;
      • Literacy, Story Writing and Mathematics (Western Cape, Eastern Cape and Limpopo).
      • Entrepreneurship (Western Cape) – Grade 6 learners only.


  • Learners or schools will be disqualified from the programme for the following reasons:
    1. If any competition entry is found to have been copied, adapted or plagiarised.
    2. If a learner has been assisted in anyway.
    3. If a learner is found to be cheating.
    4. A judge/ assessor’s determination is final and no conversation will be entered into.
    5. A learner may only enter once into the Growsmart Competition, if a learner has competed in any previous Growsmart competition they will be disqualified.
    6. Failure to enrol learners for the Growsmart competitions on or before the deadline date provided.
    7. If the same learner has competed/enrolled for more than one Growsmart competition i.e., a learner who enrolled and or submitted for the Story Writing & Poetry competition cannot compete/enrol for the Literacy competition or any other Growsmart subjects.
    8. Failure to inform your Growsmart coordinator in writing of any changes pertaining to learner enrolment.
    9. Failure to submit Story Writing and Entrepreneurship entries by the deadline date provided.
    10. Failure to log in/ participate in a competition round, without informing their Growsmart programme coordinator will result in a two-year suspension from the Growsmart Programme.
    11. In the case where there is a legitimate reason for not being able to log in/ participate in a competition round and to avoid a two-year suspension, this must be communicated to your Growsmart programme coordinator, in writing, within 24hours after a competition round.
    12. Irresponsible behaviour leading to loss, damage/theft of equipment.
    13. Continuous lack of co-operation from school or participants to selected to be part of the Programme.
    14. The unique log in details are the learners unique identification, should another learner be logging as using someone’s else details, they will be disqualified.
    15. Changes to the learners representing the schools, either as a team or individually can only be done up until Level 1. After which, no changes will be accepted.
    16. GENERAL – Growthpoint Properties reserves its right to hold void, suspend, cancel, or amend the Prize Draw at any time or for any reason and/ or if a School or Learner becomes disqualified.